Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bombing The Army Recruiters Isn't Going To Stop The War

While most of the city slept, someone thought it would be a bright idea to detonate a small explosive outside the army recruiting office in Times Square. Obviously the bomber did not want to harm anyone due to the timing, so that was nice. Besides his thoughtfulness for passerbys, this guy or gal is a Grade-A moron. Obviously fueled by hatred for the military, this was their way of expressing that anger. Well, whoever you are, that is not the way we are going to stop the war, just in case you thought it would do anything to stop anything at all. As the photo shows, some glass was shattered and that was that.

While I am in favor of non-violent protest, I must condemn this cowardly act. Not only does it do squat for the anti-war crowd (which is a majority of the country I might add), it angers most Americans and riles the pro-war fanatics up, using incidents like these to say that anyone against the war is a wacko that hates America. That may or may not be the case for this bomber, but I assure it is not for the great majority of us that have opposed Bush and his war since he started talking it up publicly in 2002.

So to all you pro-war people that are left out there, if there is any sanity left in your heads, remember this is an act of one man or woman and that is that.