Friday, April 10, 2009

When You Call Mayor Bloomberg "Crazy," Would That Be An Un-Endorsement?

Call me crazy, but when a public figure such as Norman Seabrook goes on television and questions the mental capabilities of the Mayor after already endorsing him, would that be a endorsement taken back? Norman is head of the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association and Bloomberg is threatening to cut several thousands municipal jobs, some which could be from Seabrook's union. He went on NY1 with Dominic Carter to say it all:

NY1 VIDEO: While he’s twice endorsed Michael Bloomberg for mayor, correction officers’ union leader Norman Seabrook is now blasting the mayor as “crazy” for proposing to cut nearly 7,000 municipal jobs.

Seabrook, who heads the 9,500-member Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association, tells NY1 political anchor Dominic Carter, “I cannot close my eyes at night and sell out the municipal workers of this city. I can't do that.”

Directly addressing the mayor, Seabrook adds: “And Michael, I'm sorry. It's business. This is not personal. We cannot - we absolutely cannot afford to lose 7,000 municipal workers in this city and we cannot be held hostage at the same time.”

“I think he’s crazy,” says the union leader.

I appreciate Mr. Seabrook's passion, but I didn't hear him endorse Thompson or anyone besides the Mayor, so I'm holding off on my applause. Personally, I do not think Bloomberg is crazy, the man is very smart and is doing whatever it takes to win a controversial third term. What he arrogant, brutally arrogant and does not care about stepping on someone to get ahead, whether it is one person or several thousand municipal workers.