Monday, April 06, 2009

Being A Drunk-Driving Ex-Congressman Really Doesn't Work

Ex-Congressman John Sweeney needs help. The former legislator got pulled over for his second DWI in 17 months, qualifying him as a felon. Apparently he didn't learn his lesson in 2007 that drinking and driving don't mix. Though from his professional qualifications, you'd think he would know this stuff already.

From The Times-Union:

At 3:30 a.m., Sweeney, 53, was stopped for speeding on Route 9 in Clifton Park, State Police said. He refused sobriety tests and was charged with felony DWI, police said.

Saratoga County District Attorney James Murphy said Sweeney will automatically lose his license for a year because he refused the breath and blood alcohol tests.[...]

Sweeney, a former STOP-DWI coordinator in Rensselaer County, has made headlines a number of times in recent years after brushes with the law. In addition to his DWI arrests, in September it was revealed that federal investigators are exploring Sweeney's dealings with an Albany lobbying firm after the four-term congressman was appointed to the House Appropriations Committee in 2001.

The irony doesn't fail to deliver here. Perhaps he was frustrated that his former Congressional seat might be lost to yet another Democrat, or that his own legal troubles (non-alcoholic) are getting the best of him. Whatever the case, Sweeney should know better, and now he'll have to pay for it.