Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bloomberg's First Ad Cost $3 Mil To Make Him Look Like The Common Man

The mayoral election is still several months away, but Mike Bloomberg is already hitting the airwaves with a multi-million dollar advertising blitz. The internet ads have flooded local websites over the past month, but now he's doing TV in a big way too. The amount being spent is more than his Democratic challengers have laid down to date, and this is just the beginning.

From The NY Times:

Starting on Wednesday, Mr. Bloomberg will release two commercials, one in English and one in Spanish, that emphasize his handling of the city’s economic crisis, a theme that is expected to dominate his third-term bid.

The use of the commercials, set to run over the next two weeks, highlights the mayor’s staggering financial edge in the race and his willingness to draw on his personal fortune to spend whatever it takes to win a third term.[...]

Like his previous campaign ads, the mayor’s commercials are polished spots, with the skyline as a backdrop. They feature Mr. Bloomberg, his trademark jacket and tie swapped for a casual button-down shirt, talking to ordinary New Yorkers about their financial woes.

“The economy is in trouble,” he says in the English-language commercial. “But we can do something about it.”
Yes, we can.

And it starts with voting this man out of office. The economy is in trouble, yet since Bloomberg's been in office, his personal wealth has more than tripled to over $15 billion dollars. His ads may look good, but that is because he spent a serious amount of cash to make them that way. He can wear a suit and tie, he can wear a casual shirt, he could come out in a tank-top for all I care. What counts is his record as mayor thus far and his real feelings for average New Yorkers, not some false image that his consultants are trying to get across.