Thursday, April 02, 2009

Chris Quinn Still Will Not Support A Dem Vs. Bloomberg

Where Mayor Bloomberg goes, Chris Quinn is soon to follow. Except on a few occasions, the Speaker has done all she can and then some for our plutocratic mayor. If one didn't believe of the connection before October of last year, they got it when she forced passage of the controversial term limits extension bill. And now thanks to that bill, Quinn is running for a third a very Democratic district I might add (not that there are many Republican districts in the city).

So naturally, the smart move for a Democrat like Chris Quinn aiming to be re-elected would be to support the Democrat in the race. I know she has her squabbles with one candidate and Council Member Tony Avella, but whether it is him or Thompson that emerge from September's primary, she should stand with her party on this crucial matter. Unfortunately, Quinn is a bit more politically calculating than that.

At the Downtown Independent Democrats meeting this week Quinn was asked if she'd support the Democrat, whomever that may be. Her answer? That it was too early to make a decision on who to support and that eventually she'd go with the best candidate. Of course, she didn't specify which party that "best candidate" would come from.

Dissatisfaction in the third district has been growing in the face of Quinn's close ties with Bloomberg. This position isn't going to win her any favor in the community that has a list of grievances with the mayor. Whether it be term limits, development or vice-squads, the district wants change and Quinn has become a part of the status quo.