Monday, March 30, 2009

Bloomberg Booed As He Opens Campaign Offices

Slowly but surely, Michael Bloomberg is getting his campaign geared up and ready to spend tens of millions, if not a hundred million dollars in order beat back his challengers and sit upon the throne of New York for another four years. He still has a considerable degree of popularity and is widely held to be the run-away favorite against Thompson, Avella or ahem, Reverend Billy. Then again, there is a movement growing across the city that is trying to rebel against our plutocratic leader.

From PolitickerNY:

Michael Bloomberg opened campaign offices in three different boroughs today, a gesture toward accessibility in the early stage of his potentially $80 million campaign.

At each stop—in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island—Bloomberg was joined by at least one elected official and one local supporter who worked on his 2005 re-election campaign.

In Manhattan and Brooklyn, his appearances were also interrupted by protesters demonstrating against reductions in funding for housing and resources for AIDS treatment. The group tried make its presence known, with minimal success.

The several protesters who came out to rally against Mayor Bloomberg this weekend were only 'barely noticed', but yet, they were there and they were noticed. The campaign season is relatively fresh and the tough fights are still ahead. Yet the mayor should know that the backlash against his current tenure is just beginning and it will not end anytime soon.