Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bloomberg Courts GOP Leaders While Mentioning Obama In Robocalls

Not surprisingly, Michael Bloomberg is making nice with leaders of the local Republican party so that he gets a nice spot on the ballot this fall. That is an important part of the early campaign, especially being that the mayor has no party at the moment. What is surprising is his early use of robocalls. I personally find them distasteful and one of the least effective ways to build repoire with voters. The style doesn't matter here so much though, it is what he's saying on them that do.

From PolitickerNY:

Here’s the robocall Michael Bloomberg’s campaign is putting out, telling people how “the mayor endorsed President Obama’s health care reform.”

The call – which was provided to me by Bloomberg’s campaign - goes on to say, “Like President Obama, Mayor Bloomberg says it’s time to put politics aside” and reform health care. It then directs people to an official federal web site dealing with the issue.

Bloomberg is nothing like Barack Obama. One is a solid Democrat and the other is an "independent" aristocrat. Of course that won't stop the party-playing mayor from trying to connect himself to the President. Yet to pull that type of maneuver while trying to gain the favor of the GOP for their ballot line is just a bit ballsy.