Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Yetta Kurland's Website To Hit Obama Levels

There may not be as much going on at myBarackObama.com anymore but that doesn't mean your organizing fun has to be over. City Council candidate Yetta Kurland is launching a site of her own, aptly named "myYetta.com" The webpage isn't just your standard politician's site. Sure, the "Volunteer" and "Contribute" buttons are over on the main page, but that is just the beginning for this challenger in the 3rd district.

Just like on Obama's social networking site, users can join groups, start events, invite friends and much, more more. When you are going up against the Speaker of the City Council, innovation and using that to spread your ideas is essential. Quinn has the backing of the Mayor and through her power, commands many different groups. However, if a challenger is dedicated like Yetta, anything is possible. Remember a couple years ago no one thought that the skinny Senator from Illinois could ever make it past the vaunted Hillary Clinton and now look at where we are.

Now I'm not suggesting that myYetta.com is going to propel her past Quinn. What I am saying is that when you are ready to do whatever it takes, come out with state of the art campaign tools and work hard, then there is a real chance of winning this thing. New York City is a big place, but the Council District is only a small part of it. With social networking capabilities and a strong message that resonates in the area, all the tricks Quinn has up her sleeve will not be enough.