Monday, March 02, 2009

Reverend Billy Throws His Hat Into The Mayoral Ring

Several challengers to Mayor Bloomberg have already stepped up to defeat the two term King of New York. There's the Congressional member Anthony Weiner, City Comptroller Bill Thompson and progressively-minded Councilman Tony Avella. Though none of those three compare in terms of personality than the newest candidate on the block, Reverend Billy.

From The NY Times:

Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping is — to say the least — not your typical candidate for mayor. With his blond pompadour, cobalt blue suit, black shirt and white collar, he made his announcement in Union Square on Sunday accompanied by a choir in green robes.

But he has the nomination of an actual political party and might have a spot on the ballot in November, something Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has yet to secure.

“Even if you have 20 billion dollars, you’re not going to buy this election!” he shouted through a white bullhorn to a small gathering of supporters and reporters. “This campaign will be the revolt of the fabulous 500 neighborhoods, amen!”
Amen indeed!

Having Reverend Billy in the mix should definitely liven things up a bit. I don't believe that he'd be the only one to speak his mind (Tony Avella certainly has no problem with that) but his persona is most definitely unique. Not only that, the issues he speaks to carry great resonance with many New Yorkers. If he can connect them to what Bloomberg has done to the city in terms of development then who knows what will happen.

I'm sure that Bloomberg and the more "serious" contenders will protest the Reverend's candidacy and proclaim him as a side show. However, Billy does have that one thing that the Mayor still covets....a ballot line.