Friday, March 06, 2009

Paterson Considers Going Anti-Green

No, not Mark Green. The green initiative that we as a society are fighting for so that global warming doesn't destroy our civilization. Apparently Governor Paterson is determined to keep making the wrong choices by siding with the fossil fuel industry by rolling back regulations that were actually instituted during the Pataki Administration.

From The NY Times:

ALBANY — At the urging of the energy industry, Gov. David A. Paterson has agreed to reconsider a key rule New York adopted as part of a 10-state pact aimed at reducing the threat of global warming by cutting power plant emissions.

Mr. Paterson appeared to overrule the State Department of Environmental Conservation in making the move, which would reopen state regulations to provide power plants leeway to release greater amounts of emissions at no additional cost. Administration officials said the governor was concerned the rule might unfairly burden the energy industry.

His decision infuriated environmental groups, which learned of Mr. Paterson’s decision just this week, though he met with energy executives privately last fall and assured them he would take the step.
You know, I had high hopes for Paterson when he took over almost a year ago. Spitzer was just too corrosive and that whole hooker thing really took him down. Paterson was supposed to be more of a negotiator and someone that the Legislature could work with. However, the more time passes, the amount of wrong decisions keep piling up. The fact that he did this in private last year without telling anyone makes it even worse.

It just makes me wonder, would a Governor Cuomo consider such a regressive measure for our environment, our health and the general direction of how we are going to shape our energy economy for the future. My gut says, "No!"