Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yassky Caught With Hand In DiBrienza's Filthy Cookie Jar

The story that has come out concerning ex-Councilman and current Council candidate Steve DiBrienza has the guy in so much hot water, he may just cut his candidacy short. DiBrienza's dubious non-profit did not only help DiBrienza, his wife and his former staffers though. It turns out with all that money coming from the city (see: taxpayer expense) it wasn't only him that was cashing in. Quinn's knowledge of the matter seems likely, but what about current City Councilman and NYC Comptroller candidate David Yassky?

From The Daily Gotham:

The Brooklyn Paper has picked up on this Yassky-DiBrienza connection, though they discuss Yassky giving $15,000, probably a more accurate figure. But they also pinpoint the reason for Yassky's pandering to DiBrienza with taxpayer money: payback for an endorsement. From the Brooklyn Paper:

Councilman David Yassky (D–Brooklyn Heights), for example, requested $15,000 for DiBrienza’s group right after DiBrienza endorsed him for Congress in 2006.

Yassky told The Brooklyn Paper that this out-of-district donation to DiBrienza’s group was not a kickback or a quid-pro-quo, but voters will certainly raise their eyebrows.

Now Yassky funneled city money to DiBrienza right after DiBrienza endorsed him for his failed bid for Congress in 2006. Yet it isn't payback, according to Yassky. Problem is, this isn't the only time something like this happened. I wrote back in 2006 about another case of Yassky proposing city money right after getting an endorsement.
Now why in the hell would New Yorkers want a comptroller like that? Now I know the definition of comptroller but with Yassky's record (also see: term limits), putting him in that position makes absolutely no sense. Yassky has shown himself to be just as tainted as the rest of Quinn's ethically-questionable brood...and deserves neither Council nor Comptroller seat.