Monday, March 16, 2009

"Unity '09" Seeks To Strengthen The Left And Obama

This could be Bill O'Reilly's worst nightmare, where progressive groups come together to strengthen the mission of the Obama Administration. Freedom of Assembly for anyone other than an officially sanctioned Bill O'Reilly group is treasonous in his eye but for the rest of us it could mean huge leaps forward for our country. For far too long Democratically-minded groups have slugged it out alone without much cohesion. This might be the end of that "strategy."

From Yahoo News:

The online-based is a central player in the nascent organization, but other groups involved in planning Unity '09 span a broad spectrum of interests, from the American Civil Liberties Union to the National Council of La Raza to Planned Parenthood, as well as labor unions and environmental groups.[...]

Unity '09 comes at a time of increasing coordination on the left, including an effort this week by the Democratic National Committee, Obama's grassroots network and other groups to defend Obama's budget and attack the GOP as obstructionists.

But Unity '09 is setting a broader, and longer-term agenda, aiming to exert grassroots pressure on lawmakers in their home states over the next several years on the entire spectrum of political issues.

"When progressive activists are working in concert and the right is forming a circular firing squad, you know it's a new day," said consultant Paul Begala, who said he's not involved in the new organization.

I couldn't agree with Begala more on this. The power of our ideas and creativity combined is an extremely potent force. As the Republicans struggle to find relevancy these days, the importance of building a dominating coalition of progressive groups can not be stressed enough. At one time the conservative movement had a well-oiled machine going and they were able to make our country regress by several decades. Now that America has seen their ideas fail in spectacular fashion, it is time to propel the country back into the present-day and beyond.