Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Go Magazine" Adds Their Name To Yetta Kurland's Endorsement List

Christine Quinn has been trying her hardest to look like a tough, independent Council Speaker lately. Her decision to skip the St. Patrick's Day parade yesterday and lobby Albany for education dollars was made to look good for the press. Ever since she helped pass the term limits extension bill, she's tried to look like the reformer she once was. Unfortunately for Quinn, many in the 3rd Council District see otherwise and understand that it is time for a change in representation. The NY Blade certainly saw through Quinn's populist facade by endorsing Yetta Kurland and now so does Go Magazine:

Previously, under the term limits twice approved by the city’s voters, elected officials could only serve two consecutive terms in an office. But thanks to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s controversial proposal to extend term limits, which the City Council passed in the fall, he and many other powerful incumbents will be asking New Yorkers once again to re-elect them to their seats.

That turn of events is just one reason why it is time for the city’s residents to look carefully, and consider a new candidate unencumbered by tired old debates, someone who boldly presents ideas for the future.

Yetta Kurland is that candidate for City Council District 3. A resident of the district for nearly 15 years, she understands the issues facing the community she aspires to represent. “I have fought my whole life to work to empower those around me to be able to be themselves and to express themselves, and I will continue to do so as the next City Council Member for the West Village, Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen,” says Kurland. She may be a newcomer to elected office, but she is no stranger to the political life of New York City, and to urgent items on the agenda, such as civil rights, education and development.
While Quinn may be sitting pretty now as the all-powerful Speaker of the Council, the people of her district are not. Quinn has angered many New Yorkers by selfishly backing Bloomberg's term limit extension legislation. For that, we already have two major community publications calling for Quinn to be voted out and replaced by someone that truly cares for the district and not the real estate and development industries that wish to reshape it.