Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wherefore Art Thou Congressman Weiner?

Since the news of the term limits extension bill died down, so has the energy of Congressman Weiner's will to be mayor of New York City. I remember him being at City Hall every single day and now we hardly ever see him out in public unless it's in D.C. People were beginning to wonder whether he was still running (technically he hadn't declared but it was quite obvious what his intention was late last year).

I guess know we have a better idea of where he's at:

In a statement to supporters, Weiner wrote: "At the beginning of the summer when Congress takes a break, I will look at the lay of the land again and try to determine the best political course."

A Weiner campaign adviser said afterward that nothing has really changed on their end, since the letter to supporters echoes what Weiner has been saying publicly for months.

But it did seem to be part of an incremental retreat.

Yes, yes it does seem that way.

One less candidate in the race spells bad news for Bloomberg and good news for Thompson, who has been out and about, vigorously campaigning for mayor. Likewise, Weiner's departure would be good news for Tony Avella, since this would make the primary a two-way race and not with him on the side of the Congressman and the Controller.