Thursday, March 12, 2009

At Least The Governor Remembers What Party He's In

Governor David Paterson's poll numbers have dropped precipitously since he took over the job a year ago. At first his realistic but brutal outlook for the state's finances was applauded, but everything he's done since that has drawn ire from the people. The Senate appointment put him on the decline and then his lack of leadership within his own office sank him further. He's been against (then for, then against, and on it goes) for delivering on his message of shared sacrifice by including the rich. His latest mishap was to water down the Rockefeller drug law reform bill to appease Republicans. With all those facts against him, at least he can still say that he stands behind his party for the 2009 elections.

From The Daily Politics:

Gov. David Paterson told WNBC's Melissa Russo today that he won't back Mayor Bloomberg's bid for a third term, although he thinks the mayor has done a "fine job."

I am the leader of the Democratic Party in New York State and there are a lot of good candidates thinking about running, and I would expect I'll support the winner of that Democratic primary.
I don't know about being the "leader," but he's definitely with us electorally-speaking. Not endorsing Republican line-chasing, uber-billionaire Michael Bloomberg is a good start. Perhaps at some point he can try and remember to connect that idea with policies that actually reflect the party's core principles. Or not. 2010 is right around the corner.