Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rep. Sherman Calls Limbaugh A Coward, Demands To Debate

Rush Limbaugh thought he was hot stuff when he tried challenging President Obama to come on his show to talk about the issues of the day. Of course, since Obama is President, his priorities include things like the economic crisis, dealing with Congress and fixing all the other problems created under eight years of George Bush. Talking to Rush Limbaugh is incredibly low on that list, if it's there at all.

Being the good Democratic Congressmember that Brad Sherman (CA-27) is, he has willingly stepped up to take Obama's seat and debate the hatemonger radio personality himself. Rush hasn't responded to Brad's requests, so he has written Mr. Limbaughg an open letter. A letter I might say that doesn't pull any punches.

From The Huffington Post:

"If you had any confidence in your position, you would agree to my request to have me on your show--where I'm sure I could demonstrate the merits of my views," he wrote.

"You are a coward," he assessed. "Very truly yours, Brad Sherman."

Limbaugh has yet to respond, said a spokesman for Sherman. Limbaugh's producer, Kit Carson, told the Huffington Post he hadn't seen the letter, but that he couldn't speak for Limbaugh. The radio talk-show host, who Democrats portray as the leader of the GOP, is taking the next two days off, said Carson, and will return Monday.

Rush can return whenever he wants, but being able to actually take on Brad Sherman when it comes to finance is a losing proposition. As a former intern of the Congressman, I can tell you that I've seen that degree from Harvard Law and that he knows his stuff in the field. Oh and he isn't just any lawyer, he's a tax attorney, one of the toughest fields to go into (not that it doesn't pay of course). Rush on the other hand, is a right-wing blowhard who relies on malicious lies, fear and innuendo to bully his opponents. Thinking that this debate would be a fair fight is a joke and Rush knows it.