Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rudy Wants To Cash In On Fundraisers

For all intensive purposes, Rudy Giuliani is a star in his Grand Old Party. Despite losing in flame-out fashion this past winter, he is still Mr. 9/11 to Republicans, the "Mayor that tamed big, bad liberal New York" or something like that. Due to that name recognition and notoriety, he has been sought after as a keynote speaker for fundraisers to help out incumbents and would-be Congress-critters desperate for cash when all the conservative money is going primarily to the RNC and McCain campaign. The thing is, with Rudy there's a catch to hear him utter "9/11, 9/11 and 9/11."

From The NY Times:

Mr. Giuliani’s aides have told the National Republican Congressional Committee and Congressional candidates that if he makes an appearance, he wants the candidates to help him get rid of his presidential campaign debt.

The unusual request underscores the financial predicament Mr. Giuliani finds himself in, after he ended his presidential bid this year with roughly $3.6 million in campaign debt. Traditionally, prominent party figures help lower-tier candidates by headlining fund-raising events in return for good will and future political alliances, but do not receive funds themselves.

Mr. Giuliani’s debt includes a $500,000 personal loan that he made to the campaign, according to his latest campaign finance report.

Mr. Giuliani’s move has irritated some of his Republican colleagues, who say that the arrangement would put an additional strain on candidates who in many cases are struggling to raise money. Some say rather than making a generous gesture, the former mayor is seeking to tap local candidates’ donors.

When it comes to Rudy G., Rudy is always Rudy's number 1, no doubt about it. If he wants to suck cash from GOP candidates, more power to him, it beats the people he previously used and abused.