Monday, June 16, 2008

John McCain Holds On To Clayton "Rape-Jokester" Williams

John McCain, as everyone is starting to find out, is a real piece of work. Far from a straight-talking maverick, the guy will do and say anything to curry favor in his quest for the Presidency. He has flip-flopped on almost every issue under the sun and embraced some controversial figures to win constituency groups. So that makes me wonder if the cross-section of people that find rape funny is a key to his electoral success?

From TPM:

John McCain's campaign has arrived at a new solution in canceling their planned fundraiser with controversial Texas oilman Clayton Williams -- a compromise that allows them to both distance themselves from a man who would seriously complicate their efforts at outreach to women voters, while also getting access to the money he's helped bring in.

The original fundraiser, planned for Monday, was cancelled after Democrats publicized a statement about rape that Williams had made during his 1990 campaign for governor, and which had arguably cost him the race.

The fundraiser will now be rescheduled for later this summer at a new venue. All the people on the guest list that Williams had organized will be invited -- just not Williams himself.

Does the McCain camp seriously think that if Clayton doesn't show up at his fundraiser that everyone will think that is a-ok? McCain probably doesn't find rape funny, even though he does have problems respecting women and their issues. The real motivation for holding on to Williams is that he knows a lot of people with a lot of cash that can be stuffed in McCain's pockets. That is really what this comes down to but of course it speaks to your character on how you go about obtaining that money.