Tuesday, April 01, 2008

WalMart Responds To Keith Olbermann, Fails Miserably

Sometimes I feel bad for the people that have to try and defend the actions of WalMart. It might even come close to being as bad as Dana Perino's job. Then again, like Dana Perino, they chose to apply for it, so screw them....and screw Daphne Moore for trying to defend the corporate behemoth for suing an employee who was hit by a truck and wanted to take her settlement money away. She had the chutzpah to respond to Keith Olbermann's excoriating remarks against the corrupt corporation.

Here's the WalMart excuse:

"This is a very sad case and we understand that people will naturally have an emotional and sympathetic reaction. While the Shank case involves a tragic situation, the reality is that the health plan is required to protect its assets so that it can pay the future claims of other associates and their family members. These plans are funded by associate premiums and company contributions. Any money recovered is returned to the health plan, not to the business. This is done out of fairness to everyone who contributes to and benefits from the plan. The Supreme Court recently declined to hear an appeal of the case, which concludes all litigation. While Wal-Mart's benefit plan was entitled to more than the amount that remained in the Shank trust, the plan only recovered the funds remaining in that trust," which according to reports amounted to about $277,000.

Aww, you only got $277,000 of the money awarded to her? This woman suffered brain damage and who knows how terrible her recovery was/still is and WalMart has the audacity to say they are benevolent because they didn't go after money that Shank didn't have? Seriously, they are evil, evil, evil. I do not believe for one second that WalMart can then shift the blame on to the health plan, especially since WalMart dictates terms with whomever they deal with. Their employee Debbie Shank paid for insurance through her premium and she should be entitled to be cared for, not to be financially raped by WalMart and their tool of a health insurance company.

Keith Olbermann is right, they truly are the worst person in the world.