Wednesday, April 02, 2008

McCain Calls Americans Cynical, America Responds "Thanks, Thanks A Lot"

Conventional wisdom says that when there are two candidates left on the other side of the political spectrum and you've won your primary, you need to STFU and raise money for the battle ahead. Now McCain might be putting a few dollars together (albeit illegally) but he is bucking CW and opening his big mouth so that everyone can see the ridiculousness that spews out.

From RawStory:

"Many Americans are indifferent to or cynical about the virtues that our country claims," the former Vietnam prisoner of war will say.

In part, he says, it is because some have suffered economic dislocations while others profit as never before, and in part, it is a "reaction to government's mistakes and incompetence and to the selfishness of some public figures."

He comes close to calling some Americans spoiled, saying they are cynical because "the ease which wealth and opportunity have given their lives led them to the mistaken conclusion that America, and the liberties its system of government is intended to protect, just aren't important to the quality of their lives."

Skepticism is healthy, he will say, "But when healthy skepticism sours into corrosive cynicism our expectations of our government become reduced to the delivery of services. And to some people the expectations of liberty are reduced to the right to choose among competing brands of designer coffee."

First of all, leave my bird-friendly Honduran French Roast alone. It is my right as an American to drink whatever coffee bean I like. Secondly, what the f**k are you talking about??? Clearly you are completely out of touch with the majority of Americans. Sorry Mr. McCain, America does not look like the ass-kissing "journalists" that you like to hang out with.

Those economic dislocations you talk about aren't only about some public figures who are selfish, it is the culture of Washington and the way government works for corporations instead of the people. Government would make less mistakes if it held the Bush Administration accountable, something you never helped to make a reality while the Republican Congress sat on its ass and let George Bush run amok and obliterate the Constitution.

You think Americans are too cynical? Gee, I wonder why. A Republican Administration and (until last year) a Republican Congress let oil companies get away with hundreds of billions in profit while people suffer from paying at the pump, assistance to the poor has dropped dramatically while corporate welfare has gone through the roof. Meanwhile, the freedoms that are enshrined in the Constitution are torn asunder so that we can be "safe" from terrorists while the majority of the terrorizing is done under our watch in places like Iraq at the cost of thousands of our troops who paid the ultimate price and a financial sum that every American is forced to pay a part.

You think we shouldn't feel cynical about that?

Well I'll clue you into something John. Americans are cynical about your party and what its done to our country. If you look at who is coming out to vote for the first time in their lives this year and which party is seeing record turnout you would know that cynicism isn't the only feeling out there in this great big country of ours.

Not too far away in the dictionary from cynicism, there's a word that's spelled C-H-A-N-G-E and your name isn't in the definition.