Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Protest For Tibet, Get A Beatdown By The NYPD

I've seen Free Tibet signs on cars and whatnot my whole life, but I never thought the violence that stems from the Chinese occupation would reach just a mile from my home here in Manhattan. Unfortunately it seems to be the case that quite a few officers from the New York Police Department thought it would be a good idea to threaten and physically beating protesters simply because they oppose the Chinese being in Tibet.

From InfoWars:

Disgusting video footage of New York cops clubbing and arresting peaceful Tibetan protesters who were merely walking down the street has gone relatively ignored beyond Youtube.

While stories emerge out of China every day of police beating and killing Tibetan protestors in the streets, the same sort of behavior by cops in America tells its own story.

The footage was shot at a free Tibet peaceful assembly in New York on the 14th of March.

It shows the protestors holding flags and signs and peacefully walking down the street towards the UN building in the Turtle Bay neighborhood only to be accosted by police officers with batons.

One officer identified as "Delgado" is seen in the video pushing people as the group crosses the street.

Another officer, identified as "Serano" is caught threatening to kill two protesters as the cameraman passes. He later admits to the threat and apologizes for it.

As the group nears the UN building, cop cars and vans screech onto the sidewalks, cops pour out and begin to beat the protesters with clubs as UN security guards observe without becoming involved.

A non uniformed officer, who seems to be directing the entire operation, then orders the cameraman to step back and move away.

"Look at these cops, clubbing people in front of the UN, unbelievable, protesting to free Tibet, cops clubbing people in their legs on the sidewalk, in front of the UN in America, unbelievable, this is not China." the American cameraman announces in disbelief.

The officer identified as Serano then forces the cameraman away from the melee, telling him to shut the camera off and that he will not talk to him because he may be a reporter.

Several officers then follow the cameraman asking him about his recording of the incident.

Right here in Manhattan.

Shame on the NYPD.

And shame on YouTube, it seems the video on InfoWars has been taken down.