Thursday, March 27, 2008

Appeals Court To Bust Siegelman Out Of Jail

It looks like Don Siegelman is about to win back his freedom after serving nearly two years in jail due to a public corruption conviction. He was found guilty of taking money in exchange for influence on the state's health board, but the solvency of that conviction is in jeopardy.

From NBC-13:

ATLANTA, Ga. -- The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has granted former Gov. Don Siegelman's request to be released from prison pending the outcome of his appeal.

Siegelman is currently serving a 7-year sentence in the Oakdale Federal Correctional Complex in Louisiana following his 2006 public corruption conviction.

Acting U.S. Attorney Louis Franklin confirms the 11th Circuit granted Siegelman's release in a fou- page order which states Siegelman had raised a "significant question" about his conviction.

There have been many doubts surrounding the prosecution of his case and the political motives behind it all. Before the Appeals Court issued this ruling, the House Democrats asked Attorney General Mukasey to have Siegelman temporarily released to testify about his case, but the Justice Department denied the request. Now it looks like the Bush Administration's attempt to subvert the truth from coming out might be for naught.

Aww, too bad, score one for justice and one against the White House.