Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The GOP Is Falling Apart At The State Level Too

Nationally it isn't hard to see the cracks spreading on the facade of the Grand Old Party. Picking McCain was a hard thing to see for many conservatives, yet their choices that didn't make it through the process weren't all that great to begin with. Now that they are stuck with McCain, it seems that the state parties aren't going to have much in the way of support for the nominee.

From Politico:

The state party woes are especially ill-timed since McCain will face a Democratic nominee who may be considerably better funded and organized, and since Republicans will be facing an energized Democratic party that is shattering primary election turnout records.

“After twelve years of being in power, you tend to get fat and lazy, and in some cases arrogant with respect to your positions,” said Saul Anuzis, chairman of the Michigan Republican party. “There is no doubt that we have had people who have gotten caught up in both illegal activities and immoral activities and none of that helps the party as a whole.

“If you go back to 2006 most people would agree that not only did we lose our brand, that we damaged our brand significantly,” Anuzis said. “We are clearly rebuilding.”

Clearly, "rebuilding" is a nice way to put it, but Saul is being quite honest about the fat, lazy and arrogant part. Their hubris (and lack of caring for the majority of Americans) has brought them down to size and frankly, that seems to be a good thing. America has had enough "illegal and immoral," it is time for a change in the way we do things, and what we can expect from our government.