Monday, August 13, 2007

Steve Harrison For Congress!

Ok so I'm a few days late to the game...even though I did hear about this while I was in Chicago over a week ago. Steve Harrison made his announcement to run for Congress a few days ago. He'll be challenging Staten Island's incumbent Vito Fossella (R-NY), who has been in Congress as NYC's only Republican remaining in the five burroughs. For this city, one (R) is too many and Harrison is our best hope to get Vito out.

From The Daily Gotham:

An email informs that Steve Harrison, the Democratic candidate in last year's Congressional election in the Thirteenth District, is holding a press conference tomorrow at 12:30.

Who: Brooklyn Attorney and 2006 Democratic Congressional Candidate Steve Harrison
What: Press Conference concerning 2008 NY 13 CD (Staten Island/Brooklyn) race
When: Aug 9, 2007 12:30 PM
Where: Arthur Von Briesen Park (foot of Bay Street at Fort Wadsworth), Staten Island.

You have to wonder what that's all about. Just as a refresher, Harrison lost last November to Vito Fossella, 42,739 to 55,981.

It would be really sweet to be able to be able to declare New York City, at last, liberated from its last republican Member of Congress. Since that requires a strong challenger, keep your fingers crossed that this is what I think it is. Experience suggests that entrenched incumbents are rarely dislodged on the first go; 2008 would be the third attempt by Democrats to oust Fossella, and you know what they say about third times and charms.

I couldn't make the press conference, had to work in Manhattan that day. Nevertheless, I will be more than happy to head downtown, catch the ferry to Staten Island and campaign for Steve. Ridding NYC of Vito is more than worth it. I suggest the same for all the passionate Democrats out there. Stay tuned for more info.