Friday, April 30, 2010

Not Funny Mr. Mayor, Not Funny At All

Michael Bloomberg may think he's a humorous run of the mill plutocratic Mayor, but jokes about term limits are not funny to the democratic system we are supposed to be living in. At the announcement of Stephen Goldsmith as the new superstar Deputy Mayor (and former Mayor of Indianapolis) Bloomberg had those on hand guffawing over the controversial issue of term limits.

Here's the joke.

Getting a cheap laugh may sound good to the Mayor who got away with extending term limits in the fall of 2008 and capitalizing on it a year later. However, half of the voters last year and the great majority that did not even bother to vote are not laughing. What he did was denigrate and spit on the democratic process, all the while claiming to act under the guise of a free democracy. Unfortunately for him, reality says otherwise, and his statements throughout prove it.