Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crist May Not Say It, But The Crazies Made Him Do It

Congratulations Governor Crist!

Thank you for saying goodbye to the Grand Old Party and hello to your new found freedom as an independent. Republicans loved the term "Drill baby drill!" last year as liberals and conservatives squared off on the issue of drilling for oil off of our coasts. Yet the Governor and U.S. Senate candidate had the where with all and good sense to change his mind on the matter, especially in the light of the catastrophic oil spill currently spreading in the Gulf of Mexico.

On the heels of that news, the Governor is set to announce his independence from the G.O.P. and run as an independent. Of course, this move may be the result of reading the writing on the wall and not something that is just out of left field.

Naturally, Republican leaders are infuriated at the news and are already threatening Crist to get their campaign contributions returned. They'll coalesce around State House Representative and Tea Party darling Marco Rubio and the election will now be decided in November instead of during the Republican primary held beforehand.

On the Democratic end, everyone in the blue camp has gotten behind Congressman Kendrick Meek. A month ago Swing State thought things looked good for the Dems in this race, granted that Crist would lose in the G.O.P. primary, but now everything has changed. A three candidate general election will definitely spice up the situation, though it remains to be seen if Crist can pull enough moderates away from going either to the left or right.

One thing is for sure, the popular Governor has lost a lot of ground to Marco Rubio in conservative circles these past few months, so if he wants to succeed this fall, he better show why the center-left should make him their Senator.