Friday, May 01, 2009

Quinn Gives A Weak Excuse For Not Endorsing A Democrat

Speaker Quinn is continuing to take heat for not getting behind her own party in this year's mayoral election. Her close ties with the Mayor have been scrutinized and many have seen it as an attempt to get in Bloomberg's best graces so that she can be the front-runner in 2013 (if Bloomberg steps aside that is). She's been asked before to endorse the Democrat, whomever that is, but again, she just can't seem to do it.

From PolitickerNY:

Quinn said, “Once the Democratic primary is over and we know who’s running on what lines and where, I will pick the person, if I make an endorsement. If I make an endorsement I will choose the person I believe is best for the city. I am not prepared to say that will absolutely be the Democratic candidate—the Democratic primary winner.”
Basically she skirts the question to support the Democrat, not which Democrat.

Like the rest of the city, but perhaps even more so, the third district is heavily Democratic and is starting to pay close attention to Quinn, her record and most importantly, her challengers. One of them, Yetta Kurland, has already picked up several endorsements, most notably from the NY Blade. Quinn might expect it to be easy going as she is the all-powerful Speaker, but your base can't just be at City Hall come election day. Not even Bloomberg's millions can save her there.