Thursday, April 30, 2009

M.T.A. Plotting A Second Fare Increase This Year

In a month's time, without action from our state government, the subway fare is set to rise to $2.50. As much as this will bring the "doomsday" scenario upon us, M.T.A. chief Elliot Sander is already starting to psychologically prep us for yet another fare increase this year. And that isn't all, more service cuts could be on the way. If June will bring "doomsday," we could be at "end of days" before 2009 is out.

From The NY Daily News:

The doomsday budget sequel would be more hurtful to transit riders than the first round.

That round of service cuts - most of which to be phased in between June and December - focused on low-ridership bus routes where riders have alternative travel options.
"Having said what we did before was doomsday, this is even worse," Sander said.

"The next ones that we will be looking at are that much more painful...I think some would view them as horrific."

"I'm not sure the English language captures what goes beyond doomsday but to a transit
professional as a citizen and user of this system they are just unbelievably difficult and I think some would view them as horrific."

What could horrific mean when we are already shutting down a couple of subway lines, dozens of bus lines, fired transit workers and reduced frequency of off-hour trains? $3.00 or more for the fare? $150 metrocards? A possible overnight shutdown of the entire system like Boston and Washington, D.C.? This is all so crazy, perhaps we should give the Kheel Plan a look see and screw all the drivers so that straphangers a break for once.