Monday, July 07, 2008

Fox News Renegs On 'Books For Troops' Story

Almost everyone knows that Fox News is a pro-Republican, neo-con venture that spreads propaganda for the right, promoting war and whatnot without a care for the facts in any given story. Now they claim to be supporting the troops (especially as they bash Democrats for the opposite) so their segment with "StormBear" about the Books for Troops program sounded like it with fit with that theme. It was all good to go until something very important came up.

From DailyKos:

This morning, 45 minutes before the car was supposed to pick me up, another Fox News employee, Kelly, called me to tell me the segment had been canceled. "Something came up."

Well, Hell. I used the last of my shave gel, got all dolled up and had no place to go!

I smelled a rat, hard to avoid with Fox News, and I wondered what story I got bumped for, so I switched on Fox News. Here is their line-up for the 10am hour of America's Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly. Keep in mind, I was slated for 10:20am.

10:08 Running of the Bulls

10:13 Video of a car chase in Portland, Oregon

10:13 Oregon man flies in a lawn chair from oregon to idaho


10:22 Obama and McCain layout out economic plans

10:25 Baseball player, A-Rod might be involved with Madonna according to tabloids.

Books For Soldiers got bumped for a snakebite story! A bite where no one died! Here is a link to the wire story.

I understand how cable news works and big stories could break at anytime. If Mugabe called for new elections or it started to rain in Big Sur, that I can understand being bumped. But a guy gets bit by a pygmy rattlesnake at the local Walmart and the soldiers get bumped?

A non-threatening snakebite is not news, but today it was at FoxNews. Of course, if you look at the details of the story surrounding Books for Troops, it is only natural that Fox would pull the story. As StormBear notes:

Soldiers need to turn to the charities for things the military cannot provide.

BFS is run by a flaming liberal and had Michael Moore as a supporter.

A soldier's charity run out of corporate funding because the economy is in the toilet.

Yes, those bring up a whole host of issues, the Neo-cons, and I suspect their puppets at Fox News would rather not dwell about. You cannot ask me the second question, "Why is BFS in financial trouble?" without hitting an idealogical snag.

Yes, at Fox News when facts do not mesh with Republican talking points, the story is pulled for breaking news such as snakebites and a quick plug for WalMart (even if the news included something painful). How's that for supporting the troops?