Monday, July 19, 2010

NARAL NY Scorns Senate Incumbents, But For What Reason?

One of the larger New York political organizations, NARAL New York, has decided to blow off the incumbents in the State Senate they generally support. Their reasoning is simple, as well as indicative of the anti-incumbent times in Albany and across the country. NARAL cites the Democratic majority (if you can call it that, especially counting thugs like Espada and Diaz, Sr.) for not standing up for reproductive rights.

From The Daily Politics:

Here's NARAL Pro-Choice New York's first go at endorsements for this year's state legislative races, and one thing certainly pops out: There are no Senate incumbents on the list.

"Due to serious concerns about the current Senate leadership's commitment to reproductive health and rights, we are not making endorsements of incumbent State Senate candidates at this time," the group said.

More specifically, NARAL is upset that the Reproductive Health Act has failed to come to a vote for the third year in a row (as I blogged here).

Senate Majority spokesman Austin Shafran countered that the Dems had done a few good things, such as passing the Domestic Workers bill, the no-fault divorce law and increasing protections for the survivors of domestic violence victims. Clearly in NARAL's eyes, that does not make up for the failure of the Reproductive Health Act.

However I had another thought. With so much anti-incumbency feeling out there and with the possibility of power tipping back to the Republicans this fall, perhaps NARAL is playing it safe so that they might curry favor with the right, just in case the mostly-pro-choice Democrats lose their slim majority.