Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In NYS, More Than A Thousand Pensioners Receive Six Figures

When I used to make phone calls for political and non-profit contributions, one of the most frequent excuses I got was that the potential donor was on a "fixed income." For a lot of retirees, that is a valid objection, but if one was to dial the numbers of the people on this list, they better pony up for your good cause.

Celeste at the DP has more:

The Empire Center has out a new database of the pensions of 342,543 New York State retirees on, and I gotta say it looks to me like the party's at George M. Philip's house.

Philip, former executive director of the NYS Teachers' Retirement System, tops the Empire Center's list of pensioners, pulling in $261,037 per year.

While not everyone is like George Philip, plenty of retirees make a lot of money from "time served." And from See Through NY, a more detailed run down of the numbers show that Police and Fire Fighters are less than ten percent of the entire roll, they more than sixteen percent of the monies. Meanwhile, the average pensioner in the Employee Retirement System only receives $25,000 approximately. So there's definitely a disparity, and while it can be argued that being New York's Finest and Bravest should be rewarding in old age, it cannot be denied that there's preferential treatment.

Enough about the numbers now, I'm calling George up for donations!