Friday, June 11, 2010

Fundraiser For Steve Behar Tonight!

If you happen to be in New York, believe that we need more honest and progressive public servants in government and are looking for a place to kick back after work tonight, then come on over to my friend Steve Behar's fundraiser. Steve Behar is running in the 26th Assembly District out in Bayside, but the event is being held at the Turtle Bay Bar in Manhattan. Turtle Bay Bar is located at 987 2nd Avenue (at 52nd Street). The party begins at 6:00pm and lasts until 9:00pm.

In case you need to be convinced, Steve is a long-time member of the Howard Dean inspired Democracy for New York City and has hosted their Bayside linkup location. Steve also led a challenge last year to serve as City Council Member in the 19th District, with an agenda and biography that reads like a good pragmatic progressive's dream.

While the media has shown his race to be an uphill challenge, local races such as this are decided in small numbers. A dedicated cadre of supporters can overcome the worst aspects of old school politics and this is no exception. Come find out more tonight at the Turtle Bay Bar!