Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Paterson And The Assembly At It Again....

We are now in the middle of May and the Legislature continues to disappoint New York in failing to produce a budget that will actually balance. While legislators are mandated to go without pay, some are going the extra mile in that regard and are furloughing their own staff. Over at the Governor's office, the antics are being turned up higher and higher.

From The Daily Politics:

At least a dozen members of the state Assembly marched out of conference and
are, as you read this, in the Red Room outside the governor's office in the
state Capitol.

They say want to talk budget -- now.

"We are now
waiting in his conference room area... They allege that he’s here somewhere, and
so we are waiting an opportunity to talk about the about the budget impasse,"
Assemblywoman Deborah Glick told me by cell phone.

And of course right after that, the Governor went right back to the press to claim that he was in the right and that it's the Assembly that is stalling. What it all means basically is that the politicians get to talk, the press gets copy and New Yorkers get.....absolutely nothing, unless of course you count frustration as a tangible item.