Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Official! "For Governor" Slapped On Cuomo's Website

It's on the website (not literally though but it's made clear enough) and all over the media, Andrew Cuomo has officially announced he's running for Governor! The big event occurred over the weekend, and I barely caught wind of it as I was moving my life and possessions from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Of course, it isn't like this news was coming down the pike for a year or more. The important thing is that now his critics can hush about him not being 100% out there and move on to more important things, such as his policy positions.

Those can be found here, btw.

The New York Times does a quick rundown here:

He plans to challenge incumbent lawmakers to join him during the campaign, when they are still vulnerable, rather than afterward, when they are safely ensconced in their seats. Borrowing a page from Barack Obama —and a consultant in new media, Stephen Geer, from Mr. Obama’s 2008 campaign — Mr. Cuomo wants to create a cadre of grass-roots activists to pressure lawmakers from the bottom up, backed by an advertising campaign that aides said would focus more on Mr. Cuomo’s platform than his already well-known biography.

And after months of refusing even to acknowledge his interest in the governor’s office, Mr. Cuomo is leaving little doubt about what he plans to do if he occupies it. On Sunday, his campaign released a 224-page platform explaining, in sometimes excruciating detail, his agenda on issues including ethics oversight, shrinking government and job creation. Over the coming months, Mr. Cuomo will urge New Yorkers to sign a pledge promising to vote for candidates who back his platform.

Cuomo means business, and granted he doesn't completely screw this up on some grand level, he'll beat Levy, Paladino or whomever the GOP manages to nominate. The Attorney General will need some serious mojo if he wants to break through the morass that has enveloped Albany for years and years. Spitzer thought he had the answer, but even he had troubles....before we found he was Client #9.

Now before you accuse me of being an out and out Cuomo cheerleader, let me say this: I generally frown on political dynasties, they permeate New York politics and can be a part of the problem that our state is in. Cuomo himself needs to be further scrutinized and questioned on everything in that platform and then some. However, granted that the political landscape for this gubernatorial race is what it is, Cuomo is the best shot we have at getting any kind of reasonable reform...and a proactive agenda that can bring realistic budgets through the Legislature on time.

There has been enough horsing around in our capitol and if Cuomo has corralling skills, then by all means let's see if he can get something done.