Friday, June 19, 2009

A Primary For Pedro In The Works

We are at the end of week two for the state senate debacle and Senator Pedro Espada's quest for power has taken some interesting turns in such a short time. First the GOP attempted to make him the temporary Senate President. Then he threatened to bring other Democrats with him besides Hiram to the other side (never happened, Hiram even left him). After that he found a key to the locked-up Senate chamber and held pretend sessions where nothing got done except for a lot of grandstanding. This week he tried to claim he had two votes because the Pro Tem is kind of like the Lieutenant Governor (he stopped). Then Democrats tried to negotiate, Pedro kicked and screamed, Republicans around him started to realize how toxic Espada is and is being pushed into the background of the power struggle.

Despite Espada's quick rise and fall in this ridiculous leadership battle, he is still going to face consequences for helping the GOP pull this stunt. While the Bronx DA is after him for his criminal doings, Haile Rivera might be the answer to his political backstabbings.

From The Daily Politics:

After receiving several calls from community and clergy leaders in the district regarding Haile running for the 33rd Senatorial District and in light of the actions of our current State senator Pedro Espada Jr., Haile will be giving this race serious consideration, only after he helps elect Councilman Eric Gioia as the City’s next Public Advocate.

He will be reaching out and speaking to the Chair of the Bronx Democratic Party Carl Heastie before he makes any formal announcement.

As you know, Haile was a strong early supporter of President Barack Obama, when no elected official in the Bronx (except Michael Benjamin) believed that Obama stood a chance.

But Haile stood behind his candidate, who he supported for US Senate back in 2004 as well and it paid off. Haile is no stranger to his community and to the issues affecting the residents of the 33rd Senatorial District.

But again, Haile is completely dedicated to Eric Gioia and helping elect someone who will give New Yorkers a voice at City Hall and who’ll roll up his sleeves and work to solve problems.

We will keep you posted.

Putting out a press release like that means one thing. As long as no superstars step up to challenge Pedro, Haile Rivera will knock Espada out next fall. Rivera, as far as I know, is not covered in the stench of the majority of Bronx politics. He certainly looks like a breathe of fresh air for the 33rd District (of course the inside of a garbage truck would be healthier to breathe in than standing near Espada) and that is exactly what the district, and the state, desperately needs.