Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Now Can We Take Right Wing Hate Seriously?

Today's news brings a sad story about an old, white-supremacist man that had so much hate in his frail heart that he decided to go to a holocaust museum in order to shoot and kill people. For James Von Brunn, this wasn't just a freak occurrence, he's been a noted anti-semite and white supremacist for quite some time.

The Sunday before last another long time right-winger by the name of Scott Roeder committed his final act of hate by shooting and killing a doctor who happened to be a rare provider of late-term abortions (for the health of the mother). Apparently Roeder had been going after the late Dr. Tiller for months if not years and maintained contacts with rightwing, reactionary groups that oppose abortion rights, by all means necessary we now know.

Now cowardly acts like that of Von Brunn and Roeder do not generally happen as frequently as once every other week, but it certainly goes to show that right-wing terrorists do exist and are a serious problem in our country. Unfortunately when Obama's Homeland Security Security Janet Napolitano released a report (pdf!) saying as much, Republicans came out of the woodwork to denounce her. For some odd reason, the onslaught was just too much for the Obama Administration and the report was tamped down and Napolitano even apologized, but the truthfulness of it was still there. If anyone needs to apologize, it would be the GOP talking heads that beat up on Napolitano and her report...but since we are talking about sniveling and cowardly pundits, the chances of that apology coming are about as good as Liz Cheney telling the truth about torture, so I won't be waiting around.