Monday, June 01, 2009

He Is Who He Is

Michael Bloomberg is who he is. The quote, "I am who I am." was in the context of him being Mayor for some time now, and that he believes the people of the city generally know him and that losing his temper is just something he does. Yet the Mayor, for all his talk, is trying to hide who he is and will do just about anything to present an image that may differ when tens of millions of dollars isn't trying to distort it.

His ads blanket the airwaves of the city. His mailers clutter millions of mailboxes on a weekly basis. The Internet ads are everywhere an NYC net surfer goes. And of course he's the Mayor, so he gets tons of free publicity that only an incumbent can enjoy. And it all leads to one thing, that Bloomberg makes sure every single voter knows that he's running for re-election and no one else. Let's face it, there is no way that Thompson can spend the cash to get a Bloomberg-style "message" out to everyone that casts a ballot in November.

So how do we as citizens get to cut through the crap and get real access? Well in a perfect world it would be by each person having a one on one chat, but we have to settle for the press. Yet Popeye Mr. I am who I am is continuing to show his arrogance to the press and believes that inundating New Yorkers with campaign literature will be enough and that those 'pesky questions' can simply be brushed aside.

But don't take my word for it, just read the transcript of today's press conference, or last week's to make your own opinion on it.