Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not Much Change In Espada's Bronx

While the country is ecstatic for the inauguration of the 44th President, things haven't changed much at all for Senator Pedro Espada. Espada is as arrogant as ever and refuses to comply with the law. He might have a D after his name but is in no way related to the sentiments of Barack Obama. Months after the election that put him back in the Senate, he's still defying campaign laws.

From PolitickerNY:

ALBANY—State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. has missed the deadline for filing a required disclosure report for this political action committee, according to online records. The January periodic report was due on the 15th.

Espada has been in hot water with the Board of Elections for failing to file other disclosure reports around election time and improperly registering his campaign committee. A spokesman for the Board of Elections said last week that Espada had not yet straightened out the earlier discrepancies, and is facing several thousand dollars in fines.[...]

Missing this deadline means Espada has been ignoring financial disclosure requirements for the past several months. He took heat from good government advocates for this before, but there's a certain irony given the current focus of the Democratic conference - in which Espada has a fairly significant role - on reforming the way the Senate does business.
Espada could care less about reform. If anything, he's the anti-thesis of it. The fact that he is participating in the reform efforts is nothing short of scary. Unless he is kept on the outside of that committee, I cannot envision reforms that would curtail the greed and ego of men like Pedro Espada.