Monday, June 09, 2008

Watchout Right-Wingers, McCain's Website Is Filthy

You gotta love the rabid right wingers for trying to play a game they ultimately will not win. The "influential" right-wing blog tried to claim that Obama holds extreme views by taking screen shots of some comments on his website. Well the problem is for them that for every one of our bad apples, there are throngs on the right that just love to hate.

From AmericaBlog:

UPDATE: Jed finds more on other McCain sites, including a reference to Obama as a n*gger.

Some folks on the right thought they'd pull an "I gotcha" on Obama by trying to find kooky things visitors have written on Obama's blog. So, I thought I'd take a look at John McCain's campaign Web site and do a search for words like "fag," "bitch," and "Jew," for starters. What I found wasn't pretty. It's interesting to note that each comment has a "flag as offensive" button next to it, so that readers can inform the moderator that the comments are offensive. Either McCain's readers don't find any of this offensive, or McCain's staff was informed and didn't care.

Obama is the anti-Christ (there's a long debate on this page of McCain's site as to whether Obama really is the anti-Christ): Obama is the devil and the anti-Christ: Hillary as "bitch." This one is particularly odd as it seems to be something posted by McCain's own staff - they quoted an article calling Hillary a "bitch": Obama is a "Muslim fag": "I wipe my ass with the Muslim book of hate, the Quran":

And there is plenty more on AmericaBlog as well as the JedReport. As many are saying, idiotic comments made by supporters do not necessarily mean that the candidate feels the same way. Of course, despite all of the hate McCain supporters have for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, nothing is more offensive than McCain's policies that will continue the horrendous reign of George Bush.