Friday, May 02, 2008

May Day Not Just About Labor Anymore

Yesterday labor groups held rallies to celebrate May Day and the efforts of the labor and union community that have established rights for workers worldwide. George Bush tried to put a damper on things by making May 1st a holiday, ironically for the rule of law. However another group made a much better push to further signify the first of May, that would be our nation's immigrants.

From The Gothamist:

Many hundreds of people marched yesterday to push immigration reform into the election year spotlight. With rallies being held in other cities in the country and world, the marchers gathered at Union Square and then headed down Broadway to the the Jacob Javits Federal Office Building, where immigrations officials have offices.

One demonstrator explained to NY1, "[May 1] is international workers’ day and in this country, as you may know, there are more than 280,000 working persons – men, women and children – that are in immigrant prisons. Honest families who have not done any crime, who are in prison and we’re marching in solidarity with them.”

Other demonstrators were touting other causes: Some calling for affordable housing, others for police justice after the Sean Bell shooting, while other wanted reforms in all areas.

With eight years of George Bush, reform is needed across the board. Everyone except for the very rich have suffered from the heartless policies he and his Administration have embraced. Today we march in protest of him, tomorrow we will start to make real changes that puts the people first and cronies of George Bush in their place.