Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tucker May Not Wear A Bowtie Anymore, But He's Still A Bastard

I love Mike Malloy's comments about Tucker. It is right on and pegs Tucker for the little scoundrel that he is. CNN was right to get rid of him and Begala for their Crossfire stupidity, and MSNBC will make the right choice when they cancel his current show. His take on Edwards' Christmas video was absolutely out of line and shows that there really isn't much to the soul of this petty little man.

From Crooks and Liars:

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On Wednesday’s Tucker, the hopefully soon to be unemployed host gets riled up because Democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards, had the nerve to mention homeless veterans and those less fortunate in his holiday ad. Tucker calls it the Scrooge ad, and then attacks Edwards for not being Jesusy enough, and mocks him for being wealthy. Tucker, as usual, is offensive, annoying and wrong.

Tucker, you wouldn't know "Jesusy" if it smacked you across the face. Please MSNBC, get rid of him already, he has already proven his worthlessness many times over.