Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Good Reason To Go To Staten Island

Once your stomach contracts from all of the Thanksgiving dishes this Thursday, you'll probably just want to lie around for a while to take it all in. By Sunday, with most of the leftovers gone, it'll be time to get out of the house and try and do something productive at the end of the long weekend. Well I have a great idea for you if you're going to avoid the shopping nightmare outside. Come help defeat the only remaining Republican Congressman in New York City.

From The Daily Gotham:

Wine and Cheese with Steve Harrison
At the Home of Catherine “Mac” O’Callaghan

Sunday, November 25, 2007
4:00 to 6:00 PM

351 St. Paul’s Ave – Staten Island, NY

Donation - $40.00 (or as much more as you can give!)

RSVP (718) 720-0095

Let's review Vito's record:
High Rating from the Christian Coalition: 81%;
American Conservative Union: 78%;

Vito Fossella voted NO to help provide affordable housing to low-income Americans still affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Vito Fossella voted AGAINST help for American senior citizens (PDF) eight times out of nine (with one no vote) in 2006!

Vito Fossella voted AGAINST a minimum wage increase every chance he could.

Those are five good reasons to come out and help kick Fossella to the political curb. If you enjoy wine, cheese or a combination of the two, make your way down to Staten Island (unless you live there already of course) and help Steve out. Remember this, strong early contributions to the campaign will impress those bigwigs at the DCCC in Washington to give Steve the major dough he'll need later on next year. Your two Andrew Jacksons (or bring more if you so desire) can help launch a tidal wave of campaign cash that will turn NY-13 rightfully blue!

If you do have plans next Sunday but still want to help, you can donate right here. Find out more about the next Congressman from Staten Island as well.